Building on the Past; Shaping the Future

McConnell International LLC was founded in 2000 by Bruce McConnell, a federal executive with extensive experience at the Office of Management and Budget.  He established McConnell International with a commitment to forging productive partnerships between private sector firms offering innovations and services, and Federal organizations with high-priority public sector requirements.  During his tenure as McConnell International’s president, the firm’s commitment deepened as government faced more profound domestic and international challenges.  McConnell International was able to continue partnerships between industry clients and government that proved successful for both parties, and ultimately served US citizens’ interests.

In 2008, Clinton Rubin, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in executive level management services, announced the acquisition of McConnell International.  McConnell International maintained its focus on the government sector and brought significant additional value to client engagements through Clinton Rubin’s strategic consulting and project management capabilities.  Under the leadership of managing partners Chuck Burns and Scott Smith, McConnell International established a Federal agency practice that continued to provide expertise across a broad range departments including State, Treasury, Homeland Security, Defense, Health and Human Services, Justice, and others.  At the time of the acquisition, new McConnell International President Brad King said: “This acquisition brings together two seasoned teams of experienced professionals who share a common belief that both government and industry operate more effectively when knowledge, analysis, effort and trust are bolstered by technology to promote improved program effectiveness.”

Today, the Washington DC–based McConnell International operates under the guidance of Senior Vice President Virginia (Ginna) Wereszynski, continuing to develop successful partnerships between industry and government. McConnell International executives create win-win relationships with federal government agencies and industry players by helping clients maximize their return on business development investment, secure new business, shorten sales cycles and expand existing contracts.